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Our Coffee

Our coffee is ethically sourced and Fairtrade. Roasted in the UK and delivered to you within days of roasting to ensure extreme freshness. 

We use Arabica, one of the most popular coffee species. Arabica (Coffea Arabica) accounts for 75% of the world’s total production.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us and that’s why our beans undergo blind cupping. This way the focus is purely on the quality in the cup rather than which coffee it is, how much it costs, and how it was grown.

Coffee needs to be consistent, distinctive and free from defects. The result has to be a cup that is smooth, exciting and naturally sweet. Some coffees sourced are put into espresso blends, others become single origin or both.

After tasting our coffee, we’re confident you won’t try anything else!

World Producers

BrazilThe largest producer of coffee with a production of around 43 million bags (60KG) of coffee.

El Salvador – Not the largest producer with 0.5 million bags (60KG) but boy do they know how to grow coffee!

Guatemala – Guatemala produces around 3.5 million bags (60KG) each year and produces very high quality certified coffee.

Kenya – The neighbour of Ethiopia yet with a very different flavour profile, Kenya produces under a million bags (60KG) of coffee each year.

India – With over 5 million bags (60KG) a year, India produces quite a bit of coffee and use the famous ‘Monsooning’ processing method.

Colombia – Producing around 13 million bags (60KG) of coffee, Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee.

Costa Rica – This beautiful country produces around 1.5 million bags (60KG) of coffee each year.

Ethiopia – The birthplace of coffee with wild coffees and a production of around 6.5 million bags (60KG).

Rwanda – Only about 0.25 million bags (60KG) are produced each year by Rwanda but we love Rwandan coffee.

Indonesia – Over 6.5 million bags (60KG) are produced annually by Indonesia with some famous growing regions.

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